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Post-COVID Syndrome to ME/CFS

Ronald G. Tompkins in lab

In 2020, OMF secured a $1 million grant to launch the first year of an international, multi-year study across the five OMF funded Collaborative Research Centers (CRC). The aim of this study is to examine Post-COVID Syndrome transitioning to ME/CFS. We are actively working to raise an additional $2 million for years two and three of the study. I am pleased to share with you an update on the first phase of this groundbreaking — and urgently needed — research project:

Breaking News – OMF Funded Study: COVID-19 and ME/CFS

Breaking News OMF Funded Study: COVID-19 and ME/CFS   Against the backdrop of COVID-19, Open Medicine Foundation (OMF) remains focused on finding the answers needed to win the fight against Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) and other chronic, complex diseases. Today, because of the pandemic, an opportunity exists to increase the understanding of ME/CFS. OMF is […]