Multi-Omics Study of ME/CFS (MAESTRO)

The primary goal of this project is to complete our comprehensive analysis of the genome, methylome, miRnome, and their interactions in order to fill the gaps in our understanding of ME/CFS pathophysiology and to identify clinically useful biomarkers.

Stress-Activated MicroRNAs

Studying microRNAs could help to bridge the conceptual gap between genetic predisposition and environmental factors causing ME/CFS or exacerbating specific symptoms.

Deep Proteome and Metabolome Profiling

Deep Proteome and Metabolome Profiling Study AIM Collaborate with OMF CRCs in Uppsala and Melbourne to establish a global perspective. Decode the molecular mechanisms underlying ME/CFS and contributing to specific symptoms with a particular emphasis of post-exertional malaise (PEM) through:  Deep phenotyping of ME patients  Global proteomic plasma profiling of ME patients Global metabolomics plasma […]