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Characterizing B cells in ME/CFS

B cells secrete antibodies and are a major part of the adaptive immune system. Anomalies in B cell metabolism, CD markers and antibodies have been observed in ME/CFS. This may be due to something inherently disruptive within the B cells themselves.

Preliminary studies using immunoadsorption and/or plasmapheresis to remove the antibodies show positive effects in at least a subpopulation of ME/CFS patients.


A number of anomalies in B cells have been observed in the few studies conducted on ME/CFS patients. We want to expand this area of research to better understand these changes and determine if there are any potential anomalies in antibody production or metabolism that could be driving altered immune response.


A woman researcher in a lab prepares a slide for the microscope. There are several studies involved in this multi-site collaborative effort:

  • Monitoring metabolism and CD marker changes in fresh ME/CFS B cells compared to healthy B cells during proliferative (via activation) and non-proliferative periods.
  • Monitoring metabolism changes in immortalized B cells from ME/CFS and healthy controls during proliferation.
  • Observing B cell subsets and antibodies in bone marrow from ME/CFS patients compared to healthy and disease controls.