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Mechanisms That Prevent Recovery in Prolonged ICU Patients Also Underlie ME/CFS by Jonas Bergquist, MD, PhD, Uppsala Collaboration

From the Desk of Jonas Bergquist, MD, PhD
Uppsala University

A casual picture of Jonas Bergquist, MD, PhD. He is outside. On behalf of my team at the ME/CFS Collaborative Research Centre at Uppsala University, I am pleased to share our paper entitled, “Hypothesis: Mechanisms That Prevent Recovery in Prolonged ICU Patients Also Underlie Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” was recently published in Frontiers in Medicine!

Thanks in part to funding from Open Medicine Foundation (OMF), my team’s publication describes the overlaps between prolonged critical illness and ME/CFS. The hypothesis is that mechanisms that prevent recovery in some intensive care unit patients may also underlie people with ME/CFS.

We are hopeful that this article will allow researchers in both communities to understand the similarities between the conditions — and thereby further collaborations that could help improve the lives of patients across these diseases.

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