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OMF at the IIMEC15 in England – Empowering ME/CFS Research and Collaboration

In case you missed it, the 15th Invest in ME Research International ME Conference (IIMEC15) takes place June 2, 2023, in Cambridge, England! 

OMF is proud to be one of the sponsors of this important conference that welcomes researchers, clinicians, patients and carers from around the world.  

Check out the exciting line-up of speakers:



For more information and the full conference agenda, visit

 Team OMF has already been busy collaborating in-person, and enjoying being in the company of so many people dedicated to the mission of ending ME/CFS, Long COVID and related chronic, complex diseases!

Thank you to Janet Dafoe for sharing these great photos on Twitter. 


Wenzhong Xiao, PhD (left) Robert Phair, PhD (Middle), Ron Davis, PhD (right)


OMF CEO & Founder Linda Tannenbaum (Left), Vicky Whittemore (Right)
Ron Davis, PhD (Left) Janet Dafoe, PhD (right)

 As always, your generous support is crucial to our mission. By donating to OMF, you enable us to continue sponsoring key research events like IIMEC15 and collaborate with dedicated professionals worldwide. If you’re able, consider making a donation today. Every contribution, big or small, goes a long way in advancing our understanding and finding a cure for ME/CFS, Long COVID, and related diseases.