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A Message from Jennie Jacques: TIME IS RUNNING OUT to support May Momentum!

A Message from Jennie Jacques

Time is Running Out to Support #MayMomentum!

Jennie Jacques is an OMF Ambassador, actress, and person with ME/CFS.
Today, she shares the following message: 

In support of May Momentum’s final week, I politely ask you to please donate any spare change you can to help fund the science behind
multi-system chronic, complex diseases (msCCD) such as ME/CFS and Long COVID.

I am asking for help, only from those who can, of course. If you are in a position to contribute financially, please know that many chronic
illness warriors will be beyond grateful. And every little bit counts.

There are #MillionsMissing from their lives due to multi-system chronic, complex diseases. It is heartbreaking that many more are
being diagnosed with ME/CFS off the back of Long COVID. 

I decided to share some photos of my “better days” with this rather than attempt to capture or show you the worst. I think I would be in the category of mild-moderate ME/CFS. It fluctuates, but even so, my life remains extraordinarily limited. 


I have only had a small taste of severe ME/CFS, but I can vouch that any level of this illness can be vicious.

One of these pictures shows off a moonstone necklace from my best friend. It reminds me to channel my fierce inner goddess while carrying the meaning of “new beginnings.” 

Any person dealing with this is just a human who wants better days. They are mothers, fathers, brothers, or sisters hoping to get back to living & creating memories.

The only way we can truly make a difference alongside validation is to fund the science.

In the final days of May Momentum, please join me in supporting OMF – and here is a toast to better days ahead.  

 Read more about Jennie’s story:

 Jennie Jacques on living with ME:
‘I am a shadow of my former self physically’ 

Written by Sean O’ Neill, as published in The Times



Can’t donate? No problem! There are many ways you can support May Momentum. It’s not too late!


Thank you for your support. 
We are so grateful to have you as part of our OMF Family! ♥









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