Ron Davis Updates on the Metabolic Trap!

Ron Davis Updates on the Metabolic Trap!  From the Desk of Ronald W. Davis, PhD:  I’m pleased to be doing this series of interviews posted on OMF’s website and social media. This new video update about the Metabolic Trap Hypothesis is especially exciting because we’ve made significant progress lately that I’ve been looking forward to reporting […]

NEW Update from Ron Davis: The Manganese Study

NEW Update from Ron Davis! The Manganese Study Today, we are delighted to share the next video in our series of research updates from Ronald W. Davis, PhD, Chair of OMF Scientific Advisory Board & Director of the OMF supported ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford. Due to the tremendous generosity of you, our patient […]

Race to Raise ME/CFS Awareness

Race to Raise ME/CFS Awareness Magnus Svensson is racing against the clock. On the surface, he is competing in the 2022 Stockholm Marathon, one of the largest running events in Northern Europe. But there’s so much more behind the reason for his run. Magnus is running to raise awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue […]

New interview with Ron Davis, PhD – and LAST DAY to give to May Momentum!

The Clock is Ticking! Today is the LAST DAY to Give to May Momentum May Momentum — our annual campaign to raise funds for research into ME/CFS and related multi-system chronic complex diseases (msCCD) — ends TODAY, Tuesday, May 31. We need your help now more than ever to fulfill our mission of finding effective treatments […]

Research Updates from Dr. David Systrom and Dr. Wenzhong Xiao! #MayMomentumTuesdays

Just one week left to support #MayMomentum Two New Research Update Interviews Available! It’s not too late to support #MayMomentum. Today, be a part of our historic effort to advance patient care and fast-track research into ME/CFS, Long COVID, and related multi-system chronic, complex diseases (msCCD). Donate now It’s not too late to support #MayMomentum. […]

Research Updates from Christopher W. Armstrong, PhD! #MayMomentumTuesdays webcast

May Momentum Tuesdays Research Updates from Christopher Armstrong, PhD Christopher W. Armstrong, PhD, is the Director of the OMF Supported Melbourne ME/CFS Collaborative. As part of our May Momentum Tuesdays webcast, he updates the community on the Ocular Motor project to monitor eye behavior in ME/CFS patients, his research into Post Exertion Malaise (PEM), and […]

New Webcast! Research Updates from Alain Moreau, PhD

May Momentum Tuesdays Featuring Research Updates from Alain Moreau, PhD Welcome back to another installment of May Momentum Tuesdays, a webcast series where you will hear interviews with Directors of OMF supported Collaborative Research Centers (CRC)s. Today, Alain Moreau, PhD, Director of the OMFCA supported Collaborative Research Center at the University of Montréal, talks about a […]

Hear Exciting Research Updates from Jonas Bergquist, MD, PhD! May Momentum Tuesdays Webcast

May Momentum Launches with New Research Update! Featuring Jonas Bergquist, MD, PhD To kick off the first week of our annual May Momentum campaign, we are excited to share the first installment of our MayMomentum Tuesdays webcast series, featuring a research update from Jonas Bergquist, MD, PhD.   Dr. Bergquist is OMF’s Chief Medical Officer and Director […]

May Momentum Launches TODAY: Webcast Schedule Announced!

May Momentum Launches TODAY! Today, May 1, 2022, marks the first day of our annual May Momentum campaign! In recognition of May ME/CFS Awareness month, this campaign is a special effort by OMF and OMFCA  to increase awareness of multi-system chronic complex diseases (msCCD) and energize fundraising efforts. This year we are excited to announce a new […]

May Momentum Launches Next Week with New Webcast Series!

Our annual May Momentum campaign begins next week on May 1, 2022! This year we are excited to announce a new webcast series, “May Momentum Tuesdays,” to update you on the progress of the OMF Collaborative Research Network!