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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), Fibromyalgia Leading Research. Delivering Hope.Open Medicine Foundation® Canada

Join Theresa in Building Hope for ME/CFS Research!

The picture shows Erica, wearing glasses and a navy blue patterned dress, smiling and seated on a green plastic chair on a grassy lawn. Next to her, a black dog with a pink collar rests on the ground.

Imagine a life where your everyday dreams suddenly become a distant memory. For Erica, a vibrant young adult diagnosed with ME/CFS at just 14, the journey has been a relentless battle against fatigue, migraines, and cognitive dysfunction. Her aspirations for university, a career, and a family life were dramatically altered. Yet, her unwavering spirit and […]

Groundbreaking Awareness and Fundraising: Physics Girl Livestream’s Incredible Results

Dianna Cowern sitting on a high stool against a solid blue background. She has long blond hair and is smiling, giving a joyful and relaxed vibe.

We are overflowing with gratitude and hope following the incredible live-streaming event hosted by Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl) and her outstanding team. Your engagement and generosity have shattered our expectations. What started as a goal to raise $10,000 turned into a mind-blowing $121,983 fundraiser and still growing! Missed the Live Event? Watch It Now! Dianna’s […]

Join Physics Girl’s Livestream: A Day in the Life with Long COVID and ME/CFS

Dianna Cowern sitting on a high stool against a solid blue background. She has long blond hair and is smiling, giving a joyful and relaxed vibe.

If you are a science enthusiast, you have probably heard of Dianna Cowern, an American science communicator and YouTuber known as Physics Girl, who is living with Long COVID and ME/CFS.  This Saturday (July 6, 2024), Dianna’s team will be live-streaming a day in her life, showcasing what it’s like for her to suffer from […]

Personalized Treatment Trials: Video Update!

On the left side, there's a background composed of hexagonal shapes connected by lines, symbolizing a molecular structure. On the right side is a picture of Chris Armstrong, PhD.

The Heart of the Matter General practitioners (GPs) often trial different treatments with their ME/CFS and Long COVID patients. In partnership with GPs, by studying the outcomes of each treatment, the patient’s lived experience, and the personal history of the patient, the Personalized Treatment Trials project is looking to understand why someone may or may not […]

Watch Now: Fran Haddock’s Candid Interview on ME/CFS!

Fran wearing a white face mask.

Today, we are excited to share an exclusive video interview featuring Fran Haddock, a dedicated advocate for ME/CFS, chronic illness, environmental, and social justice causes. Fran’s profound six-year journey with ME/CFS took a significant turn after a COVID-19 infection, escalating her symptoms to severe. In this candid conversation, Fran shares her path, unveiling the intricate […]

Unlocking New Insights: Food and Saline Infusions in ME/CFS Research

On the left is a picture of Dr. David Fineberg smiling, wearing glasses and a plaid shirt. On the right is a picture of Dr. Christopher Armstrong, also smiling with a light-hearted and approachable demeanor.

The Heart of the Matter Food and saline infusions are both known to have an impact on ME/CFS symptoms. The Melbourne ME/CFS Collaboration is aiming to identify responses to different foods using objective measures, which may also prove useful in future trials. The team will also try to understand the impact of saline infusions to […]

Join Kim and Andrew in Transforming ME/CFS Awareness

A collage of six photographs: Constantly shattered (shattered glass), Brain fog (cauliflower), Blue ball (virus), Shadow (even in my dreams), Blue tags (awaiting ECG), Sofa (where I sit).

Today, we’re thrilled to showcase the impactful work of Kim Eggers and Andrew Gifford, OMFCA supporters whose unwavering dedication to amplifying awareness and understanding of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) is truly inspiring. Meet Kim Eggers Kim Eggers has had ME for 34 years, and as such, is passionate about the mysteries of the disease […]

: Making ME/CFS Visible: A Personal Story of Struggle and Hope

Faten standing on a wooden structure at a beach, wearing jacket and beanie.

During OMFCA’s May Momentum campaign, we aim to raise awareness for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). Today, we are honored to share the story of Faten, a dedicated OMFCA supporter from France. Faten’s experience highlights not only the challenges faced by those with ME/CFS, but also the resilience and strength of our community. Faten’s Story in Her […]