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Groundbreaking Awareness and Fundraising: Physics Girl Livestream’s Incredible Results


We are overflowing with gratitude and hope following the incredible live-streaming event hosted by Dianna Cowern (Physics Girl) and her outstanding team. Your engagement and generosity have shattered our expectations. What started as a goal to raise $10,000 turned into a mind-blowing $121,983 fundraiser and still growing!


Missed the Live Event?
Watch It Now!

Dianna’s team has uploaded the entire event to her YouTube channel. We encourage everyone to watch and share this impactful content, as it continues to serve as a valuable resource for raising awareness and educating others about ME/CFS and Long COVID. The fundraiser remains active, and every share, view, and engagement amplifies our reach exponentially.

A Phenomenal Team Effort

Dianna Cowern and her exceptional team, including Kyle, Ian, Simone, Levi, Vanessa, Derek, and the entire crew, delivered an incredibly powerful and insightful event. Their dedication to shining a light on ME/CFS and Long COVID is remarkable. Through their efforts, they’ve created a ripple effect of understanding and hope, bringing much-needed attention to these complex conditions.


A Landmark Event for Awareness

This livestream was not just about fundraising. It was a pivotal moment in raising awareness for ME/CFS and Long COVID. The event reached hundreds of thousands of viewers, many of whom may have been learning about these diseases for the first time. By bringing these often misunderstood and overlooked diseases into the spotlight, we’ve taken a significant step forward.


A Huge Thank You to Everyone Involved

To everyone who tuned in, shared, donated, and showed support – you are the heartbeat of this mission. Your commitment drives real change, not just in funding research, but in creating a more informed and empathetic society.