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Dr. Alain Moreau’s paper was named a Top 100 Scientific Reports paper in 2020!

Open Medicine Foundation Canada (OMFCA) is excited to share that Dr. Alain Moreau’s paper Profile of circulating microRNAs in myalgic encephalomyelitis and their relation to symptom severity, and disease pathophysiology, has been named one of the top 100 Scientific Reports papers in 2020! 

Serving on OMF’s Scientific Advisory Board, Alain Moreau, Ph.D., is also Director of the ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center at the CHU Sainte-Justine/Université de Montréal.

Scientific Reports published more than 21,000 papers in 2020, and a position in the top 100 most downloaded articles is an exceptional achievement. 

Dr. Moreau’s accomplishment serves to increase awareness and understanding of ME/CFS within the research community and beyond — we are so proud to fund a team of incredible scientists dedicated to our mission of ending ME/CFS!

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