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A resource for clinicians and patients.

The U.S. ME/CFS Clinician Coalition, a group of U.S. ME/CFS experts, has authored a handout on the basics of diagnosis and management of ME/CFS.

This handout is being made available on our website for the medical community to help them better understand how to recognize ME/CFS and how to appropriately care for patients. Patients may also find it useful to provide this handout to their own providers.

ME/CFS experts in the U.S. formed the ME/CFS Clinician Coalition in March 2018 with the goals of advancing the clinical care of people with ME/CFS and providing clinical insights to researchers in the field. More information on the 2019 summit is available here. Linda Tannenbaum actively participated in these coalition meetings.

The handout on diagnosis and management provides a link for medical providers who are interested in getting more information on the coalition.