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New Tool to Educate Your Community About Chronic Disease!

Introducing OMFCA’s Social Shareables Web Portal!

New tool to help educate your personal communities

As part of #TripleGivingTuesday, we are pleased to announce that we have developed a new tool to help you educate your personal communities about ME/CFS and related multisystem chronic, complex diseases (msCCD).

Use our new Social Shareables page to download educational graphics about ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Long COVID, and Chronic Lyme Disease and share them on social media. The steps are easy: click on each image to download and post directly to Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook!

You can also follow OMF on our social media channels and share or retweet our informational content! (@OpenMedFCanada on Twitter and Instagram.) We hope you find this to be a valuable resource in helping the greater community understand ME/CFS and related multisystem chronic, complex diseases. Don’t forget to tag us (type ‘@OpenmedFCanada’), in your social shareables post so we can help you to get the word out! 

Want to connect with others within the chronic disease community? Try using these hashtags on your posts:

#SpoonieSupport #PwME #MillionsMissing #EndMECFS #SpoonieCommunity #Butyoudontlooksick #Chronicillness 

Announcing OMF's Featured Triple Giving Tuesday Artist!

Last month, we asked our community of people affected by multisystem chronic, complex diseases to submit their art for a chance to become OMF and OMFCA’s Featured Triple Giving Tuesday artist. 

We received so many amazing submissions — we are truly blown away by the creativity and talent of the community! We are excited to announce that our selected winner is Lee Stocker!

Lee explains, “I have suffered from moderate/severe ME/CFS for most of my adult life (I am now 48 years old). I enjoy painting mostly seascapes. I miss being able to travel to the sea, so I paint it instead. I suppose it’s a form of therapy. ME/CFS generally stops me physically going anywhere but my imagination takes me there when I paint. 

I mostly paint in soft pastels and watercolor, as they are generally “fast mediums.” This means I can produce a piece of artwork (when not brain fogged) before the post exertion malaise (PEM) kicks in.”

Congratulations, Lee! We hope people with chronic diseases worldwide can resonate and take comfort in the beautiful sea landscapes.  We also send our heartfelt gratitude to all those who submitted their work!

There’s no better time to support OMFCA’s critical mission than
Triple Giving Tuesday!

All donations received by OMFCA any day of the week will be TRIPLED until November 30, 2021. That means your gift of $10 = $30, and so on! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to triple your impact on research into related chronic, complex diseases.