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Video Update from Rob Phair: The Itaconate Shunt Hypothesis for ME/CFS

Video Update from Rob Phair, PhD!

The Itaconate Shunt Hypothesis for ME/CFS 

In continuing to communicate our collaborative efforts with the community, we are delighted to share a video update with Robert Phair, PhD. Today he will talk about the Itaconate Shunt Hypothesis for ME/CFS.

This is being studied by Robert Phair in collaboration with Christopher W. Armstrong, PhD, in Australia, Ron Davis, PhD, and Ron’s team at Stanford. This interview is led by caregiver and advocate Janet Dafoe, PhD.

Watch now! 

All of these ideas and discoveries advance the critical work of the OMF Collaborative Research Network. We are grateful for the opportunity to gather thought-leaders such as Robert Phair, Christopher Armstrong, Ron Davis,
and many others to share ideas and move this research forward. 

OMF is proud to have funded Rob Phair’s research in the past; this particular research project has been generously funded by Vinod Khosla. OMF is eager to keep the community informed on the progress and behind the
scenes of this study


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