Driving research of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS),
Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), Fibromyalgia and Long COVID.

OMF Canada Strategic Partners

Logo: National ME/CFS Action Network
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The National ME/FM Action Network has been informing Canadians about ME and/or FM since 1993. Among our accomplishments, we spearheaded the development of diagnostic and treatment protocols for ME and FM, published statistics on ME and FM, wrote a guide on applying for disability and another on educational issues, published a quarterly newsletter, translated key documents into French, brought an international research conference to Canada, supported the development of the Complex Chronic Diseases Program in BC and supported the development of the ICanCME Research Network.

web: https://mefmaction.com

email: mefminfo@mefmaction.com

phone:  613-829-6667

contact: Anne Marie, Director

Logo: Millions Missing Canada
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Advocating for treatment access, appropriate medical care and equitable research funding for ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) in Canada 

Logo: Action CIND
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Action CIND is a registered charity and non-profit organization with a vision to advance the recognition, empathy, treatment and support services for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases (CIND) by raising awareness, advancing research, developing education, providing information and support services and collaborating with other organizations in Canada and internationally.

web: www.actioncind.org

email: info@actioncind.org

contact: Alison Rae

Logo: The ME|FM Society of BC
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The ME|FM Society of BC is a Canadian charity run by patients, carers and their families, formed to support British Columbians living with Myalgic  Encephalomyelitis (ME) and/or  Fibromyalgia (FM) through awareness raising, information sharing, education, advocacy, patient oriented research and phone/online support.

web: www.mefm.bc.ca


email:  Elizabeth.Sanchez@mefm.bc.ca
contact: Elizabeth Sanchez

Logo: Manitoba ME/CFS Support Group
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Monthly support meetings Sept-June

Events: May 12, Educational workshops