Condensed Precision Medicine Protocol for ME/CFS

The study aims to establish a condensed personalized research protocol that can be used to characterize ME/CFS in individual patients as it pertains to all their unique biological aspects, interacting with a complex chronic disease.

Ocular Motor Study

Ocular Motor Study Study AIM The aim of this project is to fully characterise eye movement changes in ME/CFS on two consecutive days, identifying an ocular motor signature that is unique to the disorder. LEAD INVESTIGATORS Christopher Armstrong, PhD Joanne Fielding Meaghan Clough Updates and Potential Currently recruiting participants for this study. Preliminary trials on […]

Deep Proteome and Metabolome Profiling

Deep Proteome and Metabolome Profiling Study AIM Collaborate with OMF CRCs in Uppsala and Melbourne to establish a global perspective. Decode the molecular mechanisms underlying ME/CFS and contributing to specific symptoms with a particular emphasis of post-exertional malaise (PEM) through:  Deep phenotyping of ME patients  Global proteomic plasma profiling of ME patients Global metabolomics plasma […]

Characterizing B cells in ME/CFS

This study’s goal is to broadly evaluate B cell subsets, metabolism, viability, receptors, and antibodies in people with ME/CFS.