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Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS), Fibromyalgia and Long COVID.

Metabolic Differentiation of ME/CFS Comorbidities

To investigate the metabolite signatures of ME/CFS patient stool, urine and blood samples and the impact that co-morbidities (IBS and Fibromyalgia) have on these signatures.

  • Amber Jaa-Kwee
  • Christopher Armstrong, PhD
  • All samples have been collected and assayed.
  • Currently analyzing data from this study.
  • Early analysis indicate that comorbidities do impact profiles and agree with previous metabolic studies on comorbidities.
  • Have expanded study to target Kynurenine pathway, NAD metabolites and cytokines in the blood.

ME/CFS patients often suffer from multiple comorbidities. When observing a cohort of ME/CFS patients we often neglect to consider the impact that co-morbidities are having on the biological signatures produced that might be distinct from ME/CFS alone. In this study we look at ME/CFS patients with and without IBS and Fibromyalgia to determine the impact of these comorbidities.

We expect their impact will highlight the importance of matching for co-morbidities when conducting case-control studies.


  1. Produce  a comprehensive metabolic profile of plasma, urine and stool samples to contrast ME/CFS patients and controls.
  2. Establish the potential relationships between gut bacteria, host metabolism and ME/CFS.
  3. Compare 22 ME/CFS with Fibromyalgia and 22 ME/CFS without to determine impact on metabolic signatures.
  4. Compare 22 ME/CFS with IBS and 22 ME/CFS without to determine impact on metabolic signatures.
  5. Cluster ME/CFS patients to assess biases of comorbidities.