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Watch Now: Fran Haddock’s Candid Interview on ME/CFS!

Today, we are excited to share an exclusive video interview featuring Fran Haddock, a dedicated advocate for ME/CFS, chronic illness, environmental, and social justice causes. Fran’s profound six-year journey with ME/CFS took a significant turn after a COVID-19 infection, escalating her symptoms to severe.

In this candid conversation, Fran shares her path, unveiling the intricate layers of her advocacy work, the hurdles faced by those living with ME/CFS and Long COVID, and the unwavering strength and solidarity within the ME/CFS and Long COVID community.


There are only two days left of our annual May Momentum campaign, where ALL donations to OMF Canada are doubled, up to $50,000, thanks to The M.E. Society of Edmonton.

Your generosity enables us to explore new treatments, advance cutting-edge technologies, and ultimately find a cure for these debilitating diseases.

We are inspired by your commitment and dedication to our cause. Join us in our ongoing efforts to transform the lives of patients and caregivers around the world. Thank you for being a part of our community and for helping us drive forward the fight against these devastating diseases. Let’s make this May Momentum one for the books!