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NEW Update from Ron Davis: The Manganese Study

NEW Update from Ron Davis!

The Manganese Study

Today, we are delighted to share the next video in our series of research updates from Ronald W. Davis, PhD, Chair of OMF Scientific Advisory Board & Director of the OMF supported ME/CFS Collaborative Research Center at Stanford. Due to the tremendous generosity of you, our patient community, Open Medicine Foundation has been honored to fund a lot of Ron’s work and is continuing to fund projects to bring us all answers as fast as possible.  

In a new interview led by caregiver and advocate Janet Dafoe, Ron shares details about his new Department of Defense (DOD) $1.6 million grant he and Laurel Crosby recently received to study Manganese and its role in ME/CFS.




Building the OMF Collaborative Research Network 

In 2014, Ron Davis and OMF’s Founder & CEO Linda Tannenbaum came together to build a scientific team of leading experts dedicated to solving ME/CFS and related multi-system chronic, complex diseases (msCCD). Since then, Ron has continued his urgent research while sharing his ideas, findings, and passion with OMF’s Collaborative Research Network.

At our OMF supported Centers, the researchers are eager to work together across multiple continents and disciplines and openly collaborate to find the solutions that will return millions to the healthy lives they deserve. We know one thing for sure: It will take a village to understand these diseases better and learn how to treat them properly. All silos need to be broken down. OMF is committed to building our “village” of experts, and we are incredibly excited to share these new research updates from Ron with the community. 

Stay tuned, as we will be sharing another new video update from Ron Davis next week!  

* Learn more about some of these projects in Cort Johnson’s latest article on Health Rising! *



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