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Newsletter July 2021

OMFCA Ambassador Jacqueline Ko celebrates her birthday with a fundraiser for research:

Donate before August 1 for the chance to have your gift tripled!

In celebration of her 30th birthday, multi-award-winning opera singer and OMFCA Ambassador Jacqueline Ko, kicked off a fundraiser for Open Medicine Foundation Canada!

Jacqueline explains, “As some of you know, I’m the Canadian Ambassador for Open Medicine Foundation, which leads the world’s largest concerted nonprofit research effort into complex chronic diseases like ME/CFS — an illness that affects over 20 million people worldwide, including me and my sister Stephanie.”

Additionally, Jacqueline will be donating all music download proceeds from her single, “Elle a fui, la tourterelle,” to OMF Canada until August 1, 2021.

Aiming to raise awareness for the ME/CFS community through music, Jacqueline’s release, “Elle a fui, la tourterelle,” is a classic French opera aria (“She has fled, the turtle dove”). This beautiful song is sure to resonate with the ME/CFS community, performed by a character who has been forbidden to sing due to ill health — but keeps on singing anyway.  Download and listen now!

Jacqueline’s Facebook fundraiser is set to run until August 1, 2021.

As we join together in celebration of Jacqueline’s birthday, please consider giving the gift of hope by supporting her fundraiser today! All donations will be generously TRIPLE MATCHED up to a fundraising total of $1,200 — meaning you can make TRIPLE the impact towards ME/CFS research. Hurry before the match runs out!

Not on Facebook? No problem!
Donate to Jacqueline’s fundraiser directly on our website!

 “ME/CFS is a debilitating, usually lifelong disease… and a critical global health concern right now. It’s often triggered by viruses, including COVID-19,” Jacqueline says. “Open Medicine Foundation has put together a team of renowned scientists, including multiple Nobel laureates, and established an international Collaborative Research Network.”

“Your gift helps accelerate their vital research to find better diagnostic tools, treatments, and ultimately a cure for people with complex diseases like ME/CFS, Post-Treatment Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Long COVID.”

Powerful virtual dance performances capture life with ME/CFS:

Dancer and choreographer Kristine Oma fundraises for research and raises awareness through dance

OMF is a proud sponsor of the 2021 IACFS/ME Conference!

Registration open now

Registration is now open for the 2021 International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (IACFS/ME) Virtual Conference!

Learn more and register now

*Register before August 18, 2021! Registration closes on August 18 at 10am Eastern Daylight Time (New York City, USA time).*

This informative virtual event will focus on the biomedical, public health, and behavioral aspects of ME/CFS and associated comorbidities. A portion of the meeting will also focus on COVID-19 and its connection to ME/CFS research and clinical care. OMF is proud to be one of the sponsors of this exciting opportunity to inform and educate the community and prominent ME/CFS researchers worldwide to virtually connect and share ideas.

Support critical OMFCA funded research by becoming a monthly donor!

If you are passionate about our mission to end ME/CFS and related chronic, complex diseases, please consider becoming a monthly sustaining donor.

What does your support help to make possible? Over 20 groundbreaking studies conducted through OMF’s ME/CFS Research Collaborative, a global network of five prestigious academic research institutions led by some of the world’s foremost researchers.

The projects and trials continue to make great strides towards finding answers for millions suffering from ME/CFS, Post-Treatment Lyme Disease, and Fibromyalgia — and now potentially millions more with Long COVID. But we need your help to continue our momentum year-round.

Please consider becoming a sustaining monthly donor today and help us find answers to return millions to health: Click here to sign up today.

Join our global network of donors and advocates by supporting OMFCA funded research today. Together, we can accelerate research and find the answers necessary to win the fight against ME/CFS and related, chronic complex diseases.

Newsletter July 2021