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Newsletter June 2021

Thank you for your support during #MayMomentum!

Thanks to our community’s generosity and shared dedication, our annual May Momentum campaign was a huge success. Through individual donations and personal fundraisers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and other platforms, we raised over $175,000 for critical research into ME/CFS and related chronic, complex diseases!

We are so grateful to everyone who donated and fundraised on our behalf — the challenges are real, and the momentum continues because YOU are on our team!

Throughout May, we proudly announced new updates that give us reason to be hopeful:

Your contributions, small and large, add up to make a real difference in supporting these critical projects and a team of dedicated OMF funded researchers. On behalf of all of us at OMF and OMFCA, we are truly thankful for your belief in our mission to return millions suffering worldwide to the healthy lives they deserve. With you on our team, we will never give up until answers are found. Thank you for being a part of our family.

OMF receives 2021 “Top-Rated Nonprofit” award! 🎉

Thanks to your touching reviews, Open Medicine Foundation has once again received a “2021 Top-Rated” Badge from!

GreatNonprofits, the leading platform for community-sourced stories about nonprofits, honors highly reviewed nonprofit organizations with their 2021 Top-Rated Awards.

OMF’s 2021 GreatNonprofits badge proudly demonstrates our commitment to transparency and serves to increase the visibility of our work and expand our network of generous supporters.

We are truly grateful to have received such moving responses from our community!  Thank you for supporting our mission to end ME/CFS.

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Use your cryptocurrency to help change the world!

In 2018, we received a $5 million Bitcoin donation from an extremely generous donor who wanted to help change the world. It transformed OMF forever, allowing us to launch our global collaborative research network. If you have Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies, you can easily donate directly to OMF and significantly support the advancement of research to help millions of people impacted by chronic, complex diseases.

Cryptocurrency donations help speed up research and advance technology for research, clinical care, and educating physicians. Just as cryptocurrency is at the forefront of innovative financial instruments, OMF is at the forefront of innovations in research and healthcare.

Open Medicine Foundation and Open Medicine Foundation Canada have the bold mission of solving and breaking the cycle of chronic, complex diseases such as ME/CFS, Post COVID, Post-Treatment Lyme Disease and Fibromyalgia. Vital to this mission is to financially support outcome-directed research at global centers that work openly, urgently, and collaboratively with each other and the broader research community, with the goal of translating findings to treatments.

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Planting seeds of hope:

A mother’s plant sale benefits research

Today we share the story of a mother and daughter in Canada,
the power of family, and their efforts to support critical research into ME/CFS.

In 2017, Rebecca’s life was turned upside down when she came down with an illness that prevented her from leaving her bed and going to work. Soon after, she was diagnosed with ME/CFS. Over the next six months, Rebecca found herself completely confined to bed, sleeping up to 36 hours at a stretch. “I was barely awake, could not speak, or lift my head,” Rebecca explains. After the initial six months, she began to improve slowly. Although still primarily bedbound, on occasion, Rebecca can now watch a movie with her kids, shower, or send emails. “Never all three,” she explains. “I have to choose very purposefully how to spend what little energy I have each day. It makes life very slow.”

Rebecca’s mother, Margaret, soon came to realize the gravity of Rebecca’s illness. Margaret explains, “My biggest challenge was to learn how ill my daughter was. Rebecca would tell me how tired she was. I would reply, ‘Of course you are. You have a job and a young family.’ I found out later that Rebecca was not just tired; she was mentally and physically exhausted. Rebecca was going for many diagnostic tests, and all the results were negative. We had no answers. When doctors tell you that nothing is wrong, someone like Rebecca thinks, ‘It must be in my head. I have to fight this and keep going.’ This made her symptoms worse over time.”



Join our global network of donors and advocates by supporting OMFCA funded research today. Together, we can accelerate research and find the answers necessary to win the fight against ME/CFS and related, chronic complex diseases.