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Special Request! Join OMFCA’s Hope Builders Community

Today we would like to introduce you to April Thompson, a valued member of OMFCA’s Hope Builders community. Hope Builders are OMFCA’s monthly donors.  April is also an artist, entrepreneur, and person living with ME/CFS. Her story inspires us, and we are honored to share it with you.


My name is April Thompson, and I am a proud OMF Hope Builder.

I’m also the founder of the Chronic Market, a platform for artists and artisans disabled by the condition ME/CFS. Through this platform, artists can sell their work, share their stories, create awareness about ME/CFS, and raise funds for research and advocacy.

I got sick as a peak athlete.

I developed ME/CFS 14 years ago when I was in peak physical health. I was a multi-sport athlete who ran marathons, boxed competitively and climbed mountains all over the world. I picked up a virus while I was traveling in Europe. The virus lingered, leaving me so weak I couldn’t make it around the block. Just days earlier, I’d been able to run miles on end.


April used to climb mountains before ME/CFS


The severity of my ME/CFS has fluctuated over the years, but I never fully regained my full functioning.

My birthday is now approaching. I am reaching the point where I have spent more years of my life being sick than being well.

I’ve had to change my whole life because of ME/CFS. I channeled my passions into more sedentary hobbies and interests, but you never stop mourning the loss of simple pleasures. I miss long walks and dancing with abandon.

If I were well tomorrow, the first thing I’d do is sprint down my block without fear of a crash and terrible symptoms.


Why did I become a Hope Builder?

OMF is a priority for my philanthropic dollars, as they are a leader in ME/CFS research. I’m proud to be a monthly donor and know that the community of artists with ME/CFS I’ve developed with the Chronic Market also feels the same.

OMF gives me hope for treatments in my lifetime. That’s why I am calling on the OMF community to join me in becoming a Hope Builder.



Your support can help bring us one step closer to finding effective treatments and a cure for ME/CFS, Long COVID and related multi-system chronic complex diseases.

Together, we can make a difference and bring hope to millions of people living with these debilitating conditions.