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Support The End ME/CFS Project!

Do you count yourself as one of the over 800 members of the international ME/CFS community that are part of Open Medicine Foundation’s 2020 #MayMomentum? If so, we could not be more grateful!

If you are still waiting to give, there are just four days left to join your community and our annual #MayMomentum campaign to fund Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) research and level the research playing field.

You can be confident that your donation to OMF will support the largest concerted effort to understand, treat, and eventually cure ME/CFS and the myriad of related diseases.

We are committed to raising the significant funding required to scale up the international studies announced in May 2020, of two new treatment trials and the COVID-19 research project. Supporters like you can make the difference.

Additionally, your contribution will help accelerate the over thirty research and treatment projects currently underway in the “The End ME/CFS Project,” conducted across our four OMF Funded ME/CFS Collaborative Research Centers.

Your support in May gives us the confidence year-round to forge ahead in uncertain times and the resources to plan for the future of our fight against ME/CFS and other chronic complex diseases.

OMF is very proud of our accomplishments to date. In less than ten years, we have gathered many of the world’s foremost researchers into a cohesive effort to understand a disease almost wholly ignored by the research establishment until recently.

And especially this year, we would like to encourage you to become a Sustaining Donor. Your monthly gift of any size is multiplied over the year, enabling OMF to sustain the momentum!

You are the motivation behind our momentum. Won’t you please give today?

With hope for all,







Linda Tannenbaum
Founder & CEO/President
Open Medicine Foundation

Give to #MayMomentum
And show the world that fighting ME/CFS should matter to everybody!

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