Condensed Precision Medicine Protocol for ME/CFS

The study aims to establish a condensed personalized research protocol that can be used to characterize ME/CFS in individual patients as it pertains to all their unique biological aspects, interacting with a complex chronic disease.

Stress-Activated MicroRNAs

Studying microRNAs could help to bridge the conceptual gap between genetic predisposition and environmental factors causing ME/CFS or exacerbating specific symptoms.

Autoimmunity and Autoantibodies

The aim is to investigate potential differences in adrenergic and muscarinic receptor autoantibody levels in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid samples between ME/CFS patients and healthy controls.

Severely iIl Patient

The goal of the Severely ill Patient Study was to conduct a comprehensive “Big Data” analysis on severely ill ME/CFS patients in order to begin an exploration to find the molecular basis of ME/CFS.

Extended Big Data Study in Families

The goal of this study was to extend the Severely ill Patient Study and conduct a comprehensive “Big Data” analysis on ME/CFS patients and their families.

Personalized Automated Symptom Summary (PASS)​

Researchers are developing a tool to help clinicians more efficiently define the character and priorities of a patient’s current symptoms of ME/CFS, Post-Treatment Lyme Disease, or Fibromyalgia.