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Le Dr Robert Naviaux reçoit le Vanguard Award

We are thrilled to announce that our esteemed Scientific Advisory Board member, Dr. Robert Naviaux, has been awarded the highly prestigious Vanguard Award by the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (UMDF). This remarkable accolade, which recognizes pioneering work and unwavering dedication in the field of Mitochondrial Medicine, is the highest award bestowed in this discipline.


The award was presented at the annual UMDF meetings last week. Each year, the Foundation meticulously selects one individual whose transformative contributions have substantially advanced the field of Mitochondrial Medicine. The Vanguard Award was first given in 2013 to the pioneering visionary, Dr. Billi DiMauro at Columbia, and we are ecstatic to see Dr. Naviaux join the ranks of such eminent professionals.


Dr. Naviaux’s dedication, profound scientific curiosity, and groundbreaking contributions have consistently expanded the understanding of mitochondrial diseases. Currently, Dr. Naviaux is also using his mitochondria expertise, especially in metabolomics, to look for a biomarker and potential treatment for ME/CFS.


His research continues to inspire the medical community and instills hope in those affected by these diseases. His recognition with the Vanguard Award is truly well-deserved.


We, at the Open Medicine Foundation, extend our heartfelt congratulations to our dear friend Dr. Naviaux for this significant achievement. We are honored to have such a passionate and dedicated pioneer amongst our collaborative network of researchers working to end ME/CFS.